When it comes to Mystery Shopping, there are many choices and options for you to decide.  Each business is different, so you need a program that will meet all of your needs and fit your budget.  Proliance has partnered with the best mystery shopping providers in the industry to offer unparalleled service.  Let’s start by outlining some of the different type of programs on offer.

  sheet-1292828_640    Written Shops  

A pool of evaluators are ready throughout the country ready to head to your business and perform an evaluation on the level of service your staff are providing.  After the covert visit, they will provide a detailed account of the events that took place.  This data is used to create a comprehensive report of your key service standards and measurements.  It is a great way to measure the success of marketing campaigns, track adherence to compliance standards and it can be used as a great coaching tool.

  camera-1300022_640    Covert Video Shops

Highly skilled evaluators with the latest hidden video gear head to your business to give you a full scale look into the service your staff provides.  The footage is edited down to manageable files for your executive team and for training purposes.  Discuss real situations that affect your business around the conference table using real footage of your front line staff.

  microphone-468291_640    Audio-Recorded Shops

There are a large number of evaluators equipped with the technology to covertly record the audio of their visit to your place of business.  This recording is a valuable tool for training purposes.  Scripts are an important part of customer service and you need to know that they are being followed.  This can also help to determine when your script needs some refinement.

  iphone-160307_640    Telephone Shops

The first person a prospective customer speaks to at your business is often someone on the telephone.  Ensure that first contact is a good representation of your business standards.  Help your team maximize the potential to turn a call into a visit.  These calls can be recorded and/or a report can be created to provide the statistics of the interaction.

  wireless-310568_640    Web Inquiries

In today’s digital age, the very first point of contact to your business originates online.  Collect data about your potential customer’s experience online at your website, mobile site or app.